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Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog Stelladaur: Fading Heart
The Stelladaur Series Book 1
Finding Tir Na Nog
The Stelladaur Series Book 2
Fading Heart

Fraction in Time Forever Changed
The Stelladaur Series Book 3
Fraction in Time
The Stelladaur Series Book 4
Forever Changed

Welcome to my web site! I hope you linger awhile. At least long enough to wonder, and to hear the Stelladaur whisper: "What if, after a very long time, you got what you thought you wanted?" It's a question worth considering and one that I hope haunts you just a bit. Perhaps The Stelladaur Series will unravel a few unanswered questions. Regardless, something strangely familiar and unique waits for you.

As a writer, I meet intriguing and unforgettable characters in my imagination. They invariably tell me their story—over and over and over again—often vexing my mind until I write it down. After all, it's their story, not mine. My story is found in the writing of it. Part of your story is hidden in the reading of it. Said another way, although I am the author of The Stelladaur Series and founder of The Stelladaur Academy, I want to make it abundantly clear that the Stelladaur is not about me. It's about YOU!

I look forward to meeting you—online, in person, and at The Stelladaur Academy. I hope you enjoy The Stelladaur Series.

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