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The Stelladaur Academy

Where Young People ARE the Difference

As a youth, you have unique gifts and talents that empower you to create the life you desire. With your innate strengths and abilities, you can be a positive influence in the lives of the people around you, as well as make a difference in our complex world. However, if you're like most tweens and teens, you can sometimes feel powerless, maybe even insignificant. I'm here to tell you that you are more MAGNIFICIENT and more POWERFUL than you realize! You actually have more power than any fictional superhero! The purpose of the Stelladaur Academy is to help you discover your own personal inner strengths and to show you how to access your power. As you read The Stelladaur Series and take advantage of the programs right here at The Stelladur Academy, you will discover what you want, how to get it, and how to create the life of your dreams. Read reviews for The Stelladaur Academy.

MISSION STATEMENT: To facilitate the discovery of individual potential, and the development of confident, creative and compassionate youth.

MOTTO: As a Stelladaur Ambassador at The Stelladaur Academy, I explore imagination, intuitiveness, personal values, character development, and creative renewal. These are the building blocks of successful learning and joyful living.

WHY: Due to Covid19, "stay-at-home" learning, entertainment, and growth and development activities have become a necessary part of our everyday lives. NOW is the perfect time for you to explore something truly UNIQUE, FUN, and MAGICAL in the world of young adult fantasy!

WHO: Our online programs are designed for anyone that enjoys reading young adult fantasy and who believes in impossibilities!

WHAT: We offer a FREE DISCOVERY GUIDE for FINDING TIR NA NOG (Stelladaur Series, Book 1) that provides a rewarding avenue to pursue creativity, self-discovery and imagination. The DISCOVERY GUIDE is packed with thought-provoking Questions and hands-on creative Discoveries for each chapter of the novel. In addition to creative writing and poetry exercises, you'll also enjoy experiences in science, math, art, music, and more! You may want to design and create your own Stelladaur journal to record your answers, ideas and thoughts. Questions and Discoveries may be answered individually or in discussion groups and book clubs. We also recommend using a virtual conferencing platform to connect with other Stelladaur readers. Individually or with a group, you can really get to know the characters and discover secrets of the Stelladaur!

We also offer an interactive SUPER HERO ACTIVITY GUIDE to help you unleash your own limitless powers! With 35 pages of exciting and thought provoking content, the SUPER HERO ACTIVITY GUIDE is an in-depth exploration of Finding Tir Na Nog and will help you discover your own innate abilities, strengths, and talents. This unique guide is presented in 12 easy-to-follow Units. Each Unit focuses on a specific character quality that best defines any true, real-life super hero. Upon completion of the SUPER HERO ACTIVITY GUIDE, you will become an official Stelladaur Ambassador. I will personally sign your award certificate and send it to you! Register TODAY so you can unleash your Super Hero powers, achieve your greatest desires, and help change the world!


  1. Purchase FINDING TIR NA NOG
  2. Download the FREE DISCOVERY GUIDE
  3. Purchase the 12-Unit SUPER HERO ACTIVITY GUIDE for ONLY $29.99 (using the Buy Now link below). Become a Stelladaur Ambassador TODAY!

I hope The Stelladaur Series ignites the unlimited power of your imagination, and helps you find your own Stelladaur!

-S.L. Whyte

Reviews for The Stelladaur Academy

"Changing times has required me to change the way I look at education, so that I can best serve the needs of my children, ages 9, 12, and 15. At-home learning has become the most meaningful and successful way for my kids to gain new skills and discover new ways of learning. My oldest has read the Stelladaur Series and absolutely loves it! She reads it over and over. The guides available through The Stelladaur Academy introduce not only an engaging and exceptionally written fantasy series, but includes activities for hands-on science experiments, math and writing exercises, personal growth challenges, and event crafts! My kids eat this stuff up! As a new homeschooling mom, The Stelladaur Academy is a great addition to our curriculum. Thank you for inspiring young minds!"
—N. Gunderson / Homeschooler–Layton, UT

"I've read Finding Tir Na Nog aloud to my students for the past few years. We enjoy lively classroom discussions as we explore the discovery questions together. The kids are excited and engaged as I implement the Discovery Guide and the Super Hero Activity Guide into a literature unit focused on using imagination in writing. As a teacher, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a student come alive with the realization that they are capable, powerful, and filled with imagination, which they can use to actually change their world. This is the power of Stelladaur Series!"
—R. Daugs, 4th-6th Grade Teacher–Logan, UT

"The Stelladaur Academy curriculum is top-notch! The Discovery Guide can be adapted to a wide range of ages, which is useful for parents and teachers. It incorporates concepts like foreshadowing, research, comparing, contrasting, plot, etc. From an academic standpoint, I like how some of the tasks of the Super Hero Activity Guide encourage students to be persuasive and support their reasoning with examples from the book. The assignments encourage students to step out of their comfort zones in a warm, inviting way. Teens will be excited to become a Stelladaur Ambassador and receive a signed certificate from the author!"
—M. Uhl, 9th Grade English Teacher–Kingston, WA

"The Discovery Guide questions and activities are fabulous! Perfect in so many ways for home learning. One day Stelladaur will be a household word."
—M. Jones, Educator–Grays Harbor, WA

"This will appeal to students who are looking for engaging adventure stories to dive right into!"
—A. Crandall, AP English Teacher–Bainbridge Island, WA