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The Stelladaur Series

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Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog

Book 1: Finding Tir Na Nog

Reilly, a teenager with extraordinary abilities, lives in an idyllic island town in the Pacific Northwest. After his sixteenth birthday, everything changes! Unforeseen events threaten his confidence, his peace—even his life—and he needs answers.

His friend Eilam, an old guru from another time and place (who most people call crazy) guides him to find a magical heirloom—a Stelladaur. With this treasure, Reilly travels through invisible portals to different dimensions where he learns how to help others discover their own hidden powers. The Stelladaur can give him what he wants most, but when a beautiful girl captures his attention, he questions his deepest desires.

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Stelladaur: Fading Heart

Book 2: Fading Heart

It's coming down! We're going to die!

When Reilly goes through the next portal, he arrives in Ireland 1896, but the only thing that comes with him is the Fireglass, the ruby, and the red flower he gave to Norah.

Change comes from the most intimate part of one's soul ...

Just beyond the Embassy lies Dark Castle. There the Deceptors hold their captives until the eleventh hour of Hallow's Eve, when every demon of that Hell takes possession of a body.

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Stelladaur: Fraction in Time

Book 3: Fraction in Time

Something bizarre happens to Reilly when he returns from Ireland 1896 to the library. He feels different. Almost like he's not the same person ... or worse. Maybe that's how everyone feels after a first kiss. Maybe. But what if that first kiss is his last? Unexplained flashbacks haunt him, until one day he finds himself trapped and alone in a cavernous room under the prehistoric ruins of Stonehenge. When three familiar statues deliver to him the Stelladaur Scrolls, Reilly must learn the secret of keeping history from repeating itself, or all he knows and loves will vanish forever. Even before it exists.

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Stelladaur: Forever Changed

Book 4: Forever Changed

Coming 2021!

After Reilly discovers the truth about his dad's death, he questions his ability to carry out his responsibilities as a Stelladaur Ambassador.

Safeguarding the secrets of Stonehenge—yet revealing to the world the priceless information held in the Fireglass—seems an insurmountable task in the emotional aftermath of surviving the Bleak. He searches for the one person who can give him the hope he desperately needs—but finds betrayal instead.

When revenge consumes him, a precocious young child takes him on a journey that keeps him closer to home than any place a portal has led him to before. Challenged to go far beyond the limits of his own fears, he faces a battle that makes him look at life—and death—in a new light.

But if Reilly fights the battle, will he win his greatest desire, as promised?

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