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Fading Heart

Meet the Characters

Listed in order of appearance. Only characters new to the series are listed. Origin and definition of main characters are shown in italics.

Katell: Celtic—"Pure;" Woodpecker door-guard for McKinley family tree-home

Brigid McKinley: Irish—"Exalted, Lofty;" Mrs. McKinley

Lottie McKinley: English—"Free;" Daughter of Quincy and Brigid McKinley

Prince Ukobach: The Prince of Hell

Dillon McKinley: Irish—"Like a lion;" Son of Quincy and Brigid McKinley

Sorcha McKinley: Irish—"Bright, radiant, light;" Daughter of Quincy and Brigid McKinley

Flynn: Gaelic or Irish—"Ruddy, red-haired;" Reception host at The Embassy

Quinn McKinley: Irish—"Wisdom, reason, intelligence;" Magistrate of Wicklow, Ireland

Kian: Irish—"Ancient, God is gracious;" Dillon's friend

Cormack: Irish—An exiled prince in Irish mythology; Head Pucatrow

Roisin: Irish—"Rose;" Survivor of Crumble

Sam (Mor Samhlaiocht): Irish—"Great Imagination;" Whale at Sea of Stelladaurs

Deaglan: Irish—"A saint;" Man who escaped from Black Castle

Sitara: Sanskrit—"Star;" Star Fairy from Jolkavatar, located near Tir Na Nog

Grania: Irish—"Love;" Rowanberry Tree

Dubhghall: Irish—"Dark stranger;" A Pucatrow

Basil: Greek—"Kingly;" A Pucatrow

Eoghan: (Pronounced Oh-wen) Gaelic—"Born of Youth;" Prisoner of Black Castle; Reilly's friend

Anusha: Indian—"Beautiful Morning Star;" Morning Star Princess

Julie Bennett: Prisoner of Black Castle

Patrick Fairbank: Prisoner of Black Castle

Sarah Callaghan: Prisoner of Black Castle

Meet the characters who first appear in:
Finding Tir Na Nog
Fraction in Time