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The Stelladaur Series, Book 2

Fading Heart

Stelladaur: Fading Heart

It's coming down! We're going to die!

When Reilly goes through the next portal, he arrives in Ireland 1896, but the only thing that comes with him is the Fireglass, the ruby, and the red flower he gave to Norah.

Change comes from the most intimate part of one's soul ...

Just beyond the Embassy lies Dark Castle. There the Deceptors hold their captives until the eleventh hour of Hallow's Eve, when every demon of that Hell takes possession of a body.

Your contempt in delicious! Now come closer!

There is only one chance to escape an imprinting.

I'll hold my breath within the fire
To keep from utter shame
I'll bleed inside from every vein
Before I surrender my name

But is there a choice for Reilly?

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