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Book 1

Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog


Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog

"Captivating, inspiring, creative and insightful are a few words to describe Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog by S. L. Whyte. This fable teaches important lessons about the power of love and the meaning of life. I highly recommend it. You're going to love it!"
—Dr. Joe Rubino, Author of The Magic Lantern, The Legend of the Light-Bearers, and The Seven Blessings

"... a very unique and exciting concept ... a very well developed plot and a very intriguing concept."
—Andrea Hurst, Literary Agent

"In this truly remarkable book, S. L. Whyte has returned me to the dreams of my childhood, dreams that formal education had drummed out of me. Seldom have I come across a philosophical perspective weaved so beautifully into an adventurous love story, easy to read and compelling from start to finish. This is a must read for anyone young or old. If you are open to understanding that dreams create reality, this believably magical story provides profound truths on how to create the reality you yearn for and the dreams you dare to dream. Whether you are a teenager experiencing the awkwardness of first love, or an adult seeking to understand life itself, the Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog will give life a whole new meaning."
—Astrid Witt, Innovative Educator, Speaker, Telesummit Host, Founder of What the Experts Know

"Finding Tir Na Nog, S. L. Whyte's debut novel and the first book in The Stelladaur Series, is a beautiful coming of age story which, at its heart, acts as the reader's very own Stelladaur.... The idea that we each have a reservoir of light within us is not a new one, but S. L. Whyte presents it here in such a unique way that she manages to make a very abstract idea much more concrete and accessible, while still maintaining an effective balance with the ethereal.... I recommend this book for anyone who is searching for a little more strength ... hope and ... magic in their lives ... for anyone who is searching for their own way into Tir Na Nog."
—Kathryn Lee Moss, Writer and Film Director, Resistance Movement (winner of the "Faith Builder Award" at the San Diego Christian Film Festival)

"The plot was intriguing; the action was enthralling; and the romance was tantalizing. Destined to be a hit with teenagers! The message of a practical application of Manifestation makes this a wonderful read for all ages. I hope this becomes required reading for all young people ...!"
—Andrea Suave, reader