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The Stelladaur Series, Book 1

Finding Tir Na Nog

Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog

What if, after a very long time,
you got what you thought you wanted?

Reilly, a teenager with extraordinary abilities, lives in an idyllic island town in the Pacific Northwest. After his sixteenth birthday, everything changes! Unforeseen events threaten his confidence, his peace—even his life—and he needs answers.

His friend Eilam, an old guru from another time and place (who most people call crazy) guides him to find a magical heirloom—a Stelladaur. With this treasure, Reilly travels through invisible portals to different dimensions where he learns how to help others discover their own hidden powers. The Stelladaur can give him what he wants most, but when a beautiful girl captures his attention, he questions his deepest desires.

Meanwhile, Reilly believes that Travis Jackson, a wealthy, Nobel Prize-winning scientist, is trying to steal the secrets of the Stelladaur to use in his ominous new invention. Driven by an intense desire to make a difference, Reilly decides to expose the famous Mr. Jackson, and his courage is put to the test.

It takes even greater courage for Reilly to trust his heart when someone he loves vanishes.

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