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The Stelladaur Series, Book 4

Forever Changed

Coming 2021!

Stelladaur: Forever Changed

After Reilly discovers the truth about his dad's death, he questions his ability to carry out his responsibilities as a Stelladaur Ambassador.

Safeguarding the secrets of Stonehenge—yet revealing to the world the priceless information held in the Fireglass—seems an insurmountable task in the emotional aftermath of surviving the Bleak. He searches for the one person who can give him the hope he desperately needs—but finds betrayal instead.

When revenge consumes him, a precocious young child takes him on a journey that keeps him closer to home than any place a portal has led him to before. Challenged to go far beyond the limits of his own fears, he faces a battle that makes him look at life—and death—in a new light.

But if Reilly fights the battle, will he win his greatest desire, as promised?

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