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Meet the Characters

Listed in order of appearance. PLACES listed in capital letters. Pronunciation (when needed), origin and definition of main characters and places printed in italics.

(This information is not intended as a bio for the characters, but only as an introduction and pronunciation guide. Minor characters are only mentioned by name, without definition.)

Reilly McNamara: ReillyGaelic—"courageous, valiant." McNamara—[mak-nuh-mar-uh]—Irish—"hero of the seas."

Travis Jackson: Travis—"toll collector"

Eilam: [Ee-lahm]—Hebrew—"eternal"

Kevin McNamara: KevinIrish—"beautiful at birth"

Monique McNamara: MoniqueFrench—"advisor"

Todd Petrowski: ToddEnglish—"fox"

Frank Bingham: FrankGermanic—"javelin"

Ms. Lamar

Mr. Ludwig

Chantal McNamara: ChantalFrench—"place of stones"

Malie the Magician: [Maa-lee] The a is pronounced as in apple.

Malauri Jacobson

Great Grandpa Alistair: Scottish—"defender of the people"

Grandpa Angus: Scottish—"one strength or one choice"

Ashton Webster

Makayla Feldtman

Tuma: [Too-muh] African—"everlasting"

James Oliver-Jamison: JamesHebrew—"to take the place of"

Sequoran: [Seh-kwoh-rahn] Taken from the root words, "Sequoia" meaning "large American coniferous tree" and "Oran"—Irish—"green"

Fiala: [Fee-ah-luh] Czechoslovakian—"violet flower"

JOLKA: [Yohl-kah] Greek—"violet"

Norah: English—"woman of honor; the bright one; light"

Khenan Jones: [Kenn-en]—Jamaican—"the rising sun"

Dante Jones: [Dahn-tay]—Jamaican—"everlasting"

Kate Nelson

Porfino: [Por-fee-no] Italian—"he who wears purple"


William Jamison


Grant and Trudy Dever

George Abbott

Peter and Annie Moss

Martino Gustalini: [Mar-tee-no]—Italian—"god of war"

Warehouse Men (Derek and name unknown)

Rhonda Oliver

Lee Oliver

GLESIG: [Gleh-sig] Welsh—"blue and fresh"

Neela: [Nee-lah] Indian—"blue, color of the sea"

Jaida: [Jay-dah] English—"precious green stone"

Neebo: [Nee-bo] Serbian (from "Nebojsa")—"without fear"

GWIDON: [Gwi-dehn] German—"forest" / Italian (form of Gwido) "guide"

Flavio Xanthipee: [Flah-vee-oh] Italian—"yellow haired" [Zanth-i-pee] Greek—"yellow horse"

ZORA: [Zohr-ah] Slovak—"sunrise"

Jordan Powell

Police Officer Mitchell

Claudette Morgensen

Chief J.D. Gunderson

Officer Blake

SOM: [Sahm] Sanskrit—"nectar of immortality" / Thai—"orange"

Kokumo: [Koh-coo-moh] African—"immortal"

Aka-ula: [Ah-kah-oo-lah] Hawaiin—"red reflection"

BOZKA: [Bohz-kah] Slovak—"divine gift"

Charlotte Louise McKinnley

TIR NA NOG: A place of endless youth, happiness, beauty and wealth

Meet the characters who first appear in:
Fading Heart
Fraction in Time