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Fraction in Time

Meet the Characters

Listed in order of appearance. Only characters new to the series are listed. Characters named after nonfiction historical figures are underlined.

Olektor: Guardian of human body, Sovereign Protector of Kingdom of Stelladaurs

Zigmund: Guardian of human mind, Sovereign Protector of Kingdom of Stelladaurs

Afismat: Guardian of human soul, Sovereign Protector of Kingdom of Stelladaurs

Louis Pasteur

Dante Alighieri

Benjamin Franklin

William Shakespeare

Charles Darwin




Leonardo da Vinci

Hugo Grotius

Isaac Newton


Raimondo: Folco Portinari's baker

Alighiero of Bellincione: Dante's father

Beatrice Portinari: Girl in love with Dante

Cilia de Caponsacchi: Folco's wife and Beatrice's mother

Folco Portinari: Head of Portinari estate; Beatrice's father

Manetto Donati: Wealthy banker; father of Gemma

Gemma Donati: Betrothed to Dante

John MacCulloch: Darwin's colleague; geologist

Truman Hadley: Darwin's gardener

Charles and Emma Darwin Children: Henrietta—Daughter, age 14; George—Son, age 12; Francis—Son, age 9; Elizabeth—Daughter, age 10; Leonard—Son, age 7; Horace—Son, age 6; William—Son, age 18; Charles—Son, age 1; Anne—Deceased daughter; Mary—Deceased daughter.

Emma Darwin: Charles's wife

Josephine: Darwin family governess

Thomas Jamieson: Petrologist

The Watchers: Alex, Thaddeus (Thad), Ezekiel (Zeke), Mila, Abigail, Emmett, Tessa, Shayla, Wyatt

The Beacons: Rachel, Logan, Aimee, Avery, Elleah, Frederick (Freckles), Clint, Cole, Kay, Cutler, Bailee

Nesori: Water-boy for Moses

Aaron: Moses' brother; Nesori's caregiver

Meet the characters who first appear in:
Finding Tir Na Nog
Fading Heart